We No Speak Americano?????Yolanda Be Cool? ?常用意外結局bgm

How Deep Is Your Love?????Calvin Harris / Disciples

Directions:?After reading?the passages?below, fill in the blanks to make the passages?coherent?and grammatically?correct. For the blanks with a given word, fill in each blank with the proper form of the given word;?for the other blanks,?use one word that best fits each blank.

一部Stranger Things,終於讓Winona重現好萊塢雷達上。這部前段時間大熱的Netflix自制原創劇帶回太多80年代的美好回憶,Winona也是其中之一。從Beetle Juice到Edward Scissorhands再到Girl Interrupted,已經開始演媽媽角色的她這次會終於站上領獎臺嗎?

What?are the things that first come to your mind when you think of the UK? Are they nonstop rain, polite manners, boring food and tea drinking?????Some of the UK’s?(41)_______?stereotypes are true, a new survey has found. For example, British people do have a(an) (42)?______?to drink lots of tea.????The research polled 1,402 foreigners living in the UK on their opinions about the British way of life. Unsurprisingly, the majority?of them, almost 70 percent, said they enjoyed living in the country – good manners, especially UK people’s extraordinary ability to queue, are the main reasons for foreigners’?(43)______. More than one-third said they liked British people’s restrained (44)______?to emotion.????However, there are aspects of British culture that are (45)______?upon. The heavy alcohol drinking culture (46)______?as the least favorite trait, followed by the British sense of humor and the countHybridAnimalsry’s bad weather.????It may not be too hard to understand why heavy drinking and bad weather are (47)______, but what’s wrong with the British sense of humor?????British humor is known for being dry and satirical (諷刺的), so it is generally more (48)______. When it comes to making the British laugh, there is nothing more (49)______?than a socially inappropriate?joke, noted the BBC. “Britons are more comfortable with life’s losers,” wrote English actor Ricky Gervais in an article published in Time magazine.????“The majority of natAaronsAnimalsionalities have stereotypes fitted around them and Britons don’t escape this,” said Liam Clifford, the founder of Global Visas, the website that conducted the research. “People probably come here with a stereotype-based preconception of what to expect. It’s good to see from our survey, though, that, in the mRicky Gervais Live: Animalsajority of cases, this reputation is actually (50)______?upon living here.”

短短數年,美國電視觀眾的收視習慣發生了巨大的變化。不久前還有使用DVR的習慣,把周播劇錄下來的人,比如我,現在基本上都是在Netflix和Amazon Prime和其他視頻網站上AaronsAnimals把劇養肥了再看。而Neflix和Amazon自制的劇一般都是一次推出,強大到可以一天一夜不吃不睡追完,爽!

《愛,Loving》這部片子的設定同樣在五零年代,白人與黑人通婚還是違法的,但這對戀人卻不顧反對,不惜坐牢也要捍衛自己的愛情 - 最終這樁案子一直達到了美國的最高HybridAnimals法院。這部電影得到最佳劇情男、女主角的提名。

It is reported that Chinese tourists have recently been listed among?the?most unwelcome groups?by a well-known foreign website?on travel.?Suppose you are Wang Fang, a high school student, please write a letter to Xinmin Evening News, analyzing?at least two causes?and giving advice?on how to improve the image of Chinese tourists.

65. A. at willB. at randomC. in particularD. in moderation

Diggy Down (Radio Edit)???Inna / Marian Hill

Directions: Read the following three passages. Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements. ?For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage you have just read.

Shape of You? ?Ed Sheeran? ? girl you know i want your love

A. frowned ??????B. negative ???????C. national ?????D. appreciation ???????E. effective

Directions: Write an English composition in 120-150 words according to the instructions given below.

67. The underlined phrase?“going from strength to strength” in Paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to ______.A. failing to attract attentionB. improving imaginationC. getting darker and scarierD. becoming increasingly successful

史泰龍有女初長成,而且還是事不過三。三個女兒一起上。好萊塢名人后裔擔當金球小姐/先生早已成為金球獎的一個出名傳統。借光者名爸媽露臉出鏡的明星二代每年也是一大風景。當然,這些所謂名人之后,大部分都不是太成功,就算出鏡也沒什麼幫助。個別幾個例外包括Melanie Griffith的女兒Dakota Johnson,最近憑借50度灰和黑迅速上位。

C. He hopes his customers will always pay in time.


3. 這款智能手機發布之前,我從未想到僅用一部手機就可以做這么多事。(Never)

How to love? ?Cash Cash? ? one,two,three,I been running from pain...

We Can't Stop? Miley Cyrus? ? ? ?so la da di da di...

GDFRNBA??? Flo Rida/ Sage the Gemini / LooKas

Samsara?????Tungevaag & Raaban? ?熱門舞曲

62. A. popularB. comparedC. familiarD. associated

56. A. ensureB. assumeC. threatenD. indicate

80000? ? I love you,這句話我經常對你講....(伴奏版,暫無音源)

Girl in the mirror? ?Sophia Grace? ?i wake up every lAnimalsChunnytike hello every day. 嘿~ (一個甜美俏皮的手勢舞bgm)

Ocho Cinco (Ricky Remedy Remix)????? DJ Snake / Yellow Claw

Directions: Translate the following sentences into English, using the words given in the brackets.

Juju On That Beat (TZ Anthem)????? Zay Hilfigerrr / Zayion McRicky Gervais Live: AnimalsCall

時尚大亨Tom Ford首次跨界是在2009年,一部A Single Man已經得到威尼斯和柏林影展的雙料最佳影評提名。正當大家都認為他拍電影就是玩票,第一部的成功有些僥幸的時候,他的第二部影評Nocturnal Animals閃亮登場,一舉拿到威尼斯影展的銀熊獎。影片集齊大牌影星包括Amy Adams,Jake Gyllenhaal,Aaron Taylor-Johnson等,Tom Ford再次既編又導。即使大家不為得獎看這部片,氛圍,細節,特別是片中的時尚都值回票價了。

Children Of A Miracle?????Don Diablo / Marnik

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Heathens (DISTO Remix)????? Disto / Twenty One Pilots

Wicked Wonderland 2014????? Martin Tungevaag? ?wicked wicked wonderland(常用變裝bgm)

55. A. suitableB. responsibleC. convenientD. famous

You (Evan Berg Remix)?????Lost Kings / Katelyn Tarver

Amazon在音樂喜劇類別中五占二,[Transparent]和去年就獲此獎項的[Mozart In the Jungle]。

Boys? ? ? Charli? XCX? ? ? I was busy thinking about boys boys boys.

5. 環保人士之所以呼吁全國人AnimalsChunnyt民保護水資源是因為他們不想看到人類的眼淚成為地球上最后的一滴水。(appeal)